2023 Early Bird Registration

Enroll Now to Save

Place a Fully Refundable Deposit of $500 to lock-in our 2022 early bird rate of just $55 per day!

2023 Tuition will increase to $80 per day, so don’t miss this opportunity to save over 30% on next year’s rate.  This deposit remains fully refundable until March 1, 2023!

To place an Early Bird deposit, complete a “Camper Application” in the 2023 season of your CampInTouch Account here.

New camp family? Create an account here.

General Questions

1. Will next summer’s dates and locations be the same as this year?

We anticipate similar schedules and Calabasas and Sherman Oaks locations next year. We will be in touch with early bird families when we open up enrollment for 2023 in the fall.

2. How long is the Early Bird offer available?

The 2023 Early Bird Deposit is only available to the first 100 families who place a deposit.  We anticipate this promotion will reach capacity very quickly.

3. When is my deposit no longer refundable?

The $500 deposit that you place today is refundable until March 1, 2023. You will need to formally request a refund prior to that date via email.

4. What if I’m not sure how many weeks we will join for next year?

To secure the discounted rate, you should still place the Early Bird Deposit. You can always request the refund (until March 1, 2023). The discounted rate will apply to all camp days next summer, even if you add weeks and days later.

5. If I have two campers, do I need to place two deposits?

Yes, this deposit is per camper, so you will need to place two deposits to lock in the discounted rate for both campers.

6. Can I use credit from my account towards the Early Bird Deposit?

Your 2022 credit can be used towards our winter camps, or can be used next year to pay your balance when it’s time to select your camp dates. All families that wish to receive the 2023 early bird rate will need to place a $500 deposit with a credit card to lock in the discount.

7. Can I share this link with those who have never attended Sports Plus Camps?

Yes! You do not need to be an alumni to place the deposit.

8. How much money can I save with the Early Bird Discount?

You can save up to $1,250 next summer! It’s a $25/day savings. Our 2023 retail rate is expected to be at $80 per day.

9. How does the half day discount work?

If you are interested in half day enrollment, please wait until later this fall when our full registration is available.

10. Does this discount apply to winter camp?

No, this discount is for 2023 Summer. We will provide winter camp details and discounts to alumni and subscribed families soon!

11. Do I need to choose my 2023 schedule by a certain time, if I place this deposit?

No, this deposit will lock in the $55 rate for the entire summer, as long as we have space for your desired camp day.

12. My questions still haven’t been answered, who can I speak with?

We love speaking with our camp families! Please call 818.905.6125 or email info@sportspluscamps.com and we would be happy to answer any outstanding questions.

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